Creating Programs to Help Latino Youth Thrive at School: The Influence of Latino Parent Involvement Programs




Behnke, Andrew O.
Kelly, Christine

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Clemson University Press


Parent involvement programs can play an essential role in the academic success of Latino youth. This article reports the effectiveness and evaluation of two new Extension programs that help Latino parents become more involved in their youths' academics. The Latino Parent and Family Advocacy and Support Training (LPFAST) targets parents of K- 8th grade students, and the Juntos Para Una Mejor Educación (Together for a Better Education) program was created to serve 6th-12th grade Latino students and their parents. These two programs demonstrate innovative approaches to involve communities and schools in Extension programming.



youth programs, Latinos, parent involvement, family advocacy, support training, Family and Consumer Sciences


Behnke, A. O., & Kelly, C. (2011). Creating programs to help Latino youth thrive at school: The influence of Latino parent involvement programs. The Journal of Extension, 49(1), Article 7.


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