Food Insecurity: A Marketing Plan for Food Gardens at Texas State University




Osborne, Jacqulyne

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Imagine you looked in your bank account and had $12 and no food in your home. You are not getting paid for another week. What do you do for meals? The United States Department of Agriculture defines food security as “access by all people at all times to enough food for an active, healthy life” (USDA). Currently, college students are suffering from food insecurity and colleges such as Texas State University are not doing enough to help them. Food pantries have limited hours, hoops to jump through, and provide inconsistent and random items. Yet college campuses do nothing to fix the issue of food insecurity for their students and continue to let individuals skip and ration meals. ​​According to The Hope Center’s latest survey conducted at the end of 2020, over one-fourth of four-year college students in the United States report recently having experienced food insecurity.​​  What can colleges do to help their students overcome food insecurity? What is working at other large campuses and how can we implement these practices at Texas State University? If colleges continue to let their students suffer from food insecurity, a population of individuals will continue to suffer from a lack of food and nutrition. This leads to diminished sleep and overall health, thus resulting in worsening grades and overall performance.  I ​am​ proposing to implement Texas State Food Gardens; an inclusive gardening program that would address food insecurity on campus. This marketing plan would allow anyone affiliated with Texas State to be able to take whatever they needed. These gardens would also provide organic food to the campus food pantry for students to have easy access.



food insecurity, food garden, campus garden, marketing plan, garden, Business, Marketing, Honors College


Osborne, J. (2022). Food insecurity: A marketing plan for food gardens at Texas State University (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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