She Would, She Does, She Did: A Collection of Short Stories




Adams, Elizabeth Marie

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These five stories are centered on a single female character—a very quirky, independent woman in her early thirties. She's highly introverted, and has very OCD tendencies, often making her seem uptight and reserved. As the stories develop, she becomes increasingly open to being spontaneous and stepping out of her comfort zone, as long as it's on her own terms. One thing you'll realize is that she remains nameless throughout the entire collection. I did this for two reasons: the first being that she seems to struggle with her identity at times. Being nameless adds to the vagueness and uncertainty. The second reason is because her character is so unique and eccentric, I didn't want to put her in a box, or allow the reader to associate her with anyone or anything of the same name. The essence of this character is depicted by the writing style: blunt and eccentric. Each of the stories are written in the fast-paced present tense—which symbolizes the immediacy of her decisions—and are based on real-life people and situations that inspired me. My goal for this collection of stories is to embrace and encourage the complexity and idiosyncrasy of everyday life.



fiction, stories, absurdism, females, characters, Honors College


Adams, E. M. (2018). She would, she does, she did: A collection of short stories (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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