Synthesis of Mixed Bis-Azobenzene for Photosurfactant Studies

Barrett, Scott
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Photosurfactants are an emerging field of research due to their capacity for self-assembly and micellization properties. Azobenzene derivatives are of interest because not only do they have photoisomerization potential but also can be incorporated into polymers or biochemical systems due to versatile functionalization chemistry. Previous analysis of ortho-substituted fluorine confirms that the electron density of azobenzene can be inductively shifted from double bonded nitrogen into the ortho-substituted fluorine groups. Azobenzenes substituted with fluorine at the ortho position are of interest because they can be selectively photoisomerized by green light instead of UV light. Synthesis of a photosurfactant azobenzene with a terminal cation and anion with subsequent ionic pairing allows selective excitation of individual azobenzenes. We have synthesized a library of parent azobenzene compounds and their fluorinated derivates - this is the core of this research thesis The design of our azobenzene compounds is guided by long-range goals of studying quadrupolar effects and photocontrolled self-assembly of photosurfactants.
Chemistry, Azobenzene, Photochemistry, Photoisomerization, Surfactants, Micellization, NMR, Spectroscopy, UV-Vis, Organic chemistry
Barrett, S. (2022). <i>Synthesis of mixed bis-azobenzene for photosurfactant studies</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.