Contrasting IoT data security solutions




Thapa, Bishal

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The rapid proliferation of IoT applications has raised concerns regarding the privacy and security of the generated data. These concerns pose a significant challenge, especially in resource constrained IoT endpoints that face limitations in implementing robust security mechanisms due to their limited resources. To tackle these challenges, various data security solutions integrating edge computing and cloud computing have emerged. This research focuses on exploring technologies that can be deployed at the edge of the IoT network, aiming to enhance data security in a limited resource environment. The research explores the Intelligent Cipher Transfer Object (ICTO) technology and its viability in resource constrained IoT applications. The paper primarily focuses on contrasting the ICTO technology with the core blockchain technology. Additionally, these technologies are also compared with a blockchain with proof of work implementation as a consensus mechanism. The paper aims to uncover the trade-offs, benefits, and limitations associated with each solution, considering factors such as computational overhead, memory utilization, complexity, and network overhead. Moreover, the research explores the potential application of these technologies within the resource constrained IoT domain. The analysis considers the unique challenges and constraints posed by resource constrained IoT devices. This research aims to contribute to the understanding of viability and potential of aforementioned technologies in resource constrained environment.



ICTO, blockchain, ledger, constrained environment, Ingram School of Engineering


Thapa, B. (2023). Contrasting IoT data security solutions (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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