Pollinator Bee Responses to Texas Wine, Cider, and Mead Landscapes after Freeze Events




Lujano, Gregory A.

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This paper focuses on fermented landscapes, in particular the environmental habitats for bee pollinators. I selected three fermented products that bees interact with: mead, wine, and cider. Three sites, one for each product, was selected in Texas following the extreme freeze events of 2021- 2022. Each location is within one of the three unique ecoregions of Texas, and each provides a distinct habitat that may affect the viability of bee populations throughout the state. Through this work I examine bee’s roles in terms of pollination as well as. How they serve as a keystone species in the environment. This project considers the economic value of each product has within the state of Texas. After selecting an appropriate site for each product (wine, cider, and mead), we investigate visiting bee species frequency at each site per flower from transects line and record the data (with the assistance of the iNaturalist phone app to gather GPS points). After data collection, the statical software JMP was used to graph the data for interpretation. This research reveals which site had the higher chance for bee frequency visitation, based on flowering species and weather.



fermented landscapes, mead, entomology, pollinator, weather, Applied Geography


Lujano, G. A. (2022). Pollinator bee responses to Texas wine, cider, and mead landscapes after freeze events. Master of Applied Geography Degree, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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