The Filter Bubble Phenomenon




Scanlan, Cate

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Over the recent years the United States has seen a huge divide within the country. Riots, protests, cancel culture, uproar and distress are at an all time high. Social media has been perpetuating this issue and further dividing this country. The purpose of this documentary style video is to gain insight from different perspectives/professions. I am exploring the correlation between political extremism and social media. The aspect of social media I am focusing on is the use of filter bubbles by different social platforms. Filter bubbles are when a website uses the algorithm to guess what information the user may want to see and consequently continue to show that user similar things. The issue with this is it only confirms that person’s beliefs without showing other sides, potentially leading to extremism. I am interviewing different subjects with different backgrounds/stories to help me decide if social media and filter bubbles are a driving force of political extremism.



the, a, that, Honors College


Scanlan, C. (2022). The filter bubble phenomenon (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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