Serving Stress: Impact of stress in nursing students. A stress management data analysis




Handal, Emme Lou

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Nursing has become known as a profession with one of the highest levels of stress, leading to a rippling effect in the community and in nurses’ lives. Stress is a natural part of human nature and is essential for humans to survive and thrive. With the hustle-oriented, high-pressure, society that America embraces today, stress levels have reached notoriously elevated levels that sometimes cannot be avoided. Mental strain and stress play a significant role in the development of physical ailments that only continue to rise in Western Society today like heart disease, ulcers, and a compromised immune system (AHA, 2022). How a healthcare professional responds to stress not only impacts their quality of life but also their quality of work and patient care. When it comes to work ethic and stress management, professionals often begin to derive the habits used throughout their careers starting as a student in school. This thesis raises the question of which, if any, type of stress management mechanism is perceived to be the most effective by senior nursing students at the St. David’s School of Nursing. A curated research survey based on the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) and Individual Stress Theory (IST) used to collect information regarding students’ perceived stress levels, the most frequently used stress management mechanisms, and the perceived most effective stress management mechanisms is presented and analyzed in this thesis.



stress, nursing school, student, college, cardiovascular disease, CVD, stress management, IST, individual stress theory, food, food management, nursing student, healthcare, healthcare professional, holistic, Nursing, Honors College


Handal, E. L. (2022). Serving stress: Impact of stress in nursing students. A stress management data analysis (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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