Sand Therapy Standards: Views from the Field




Homeyer, Linda E.
Stone, Jessica

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Identifying standards within sand therapy, a widely used therapeutic method, is of great importance and consequence. Standards need to be sufficiently specific and measurable and broad enough to encompass all clinical theories and approaches. This article reports the findings of the first phase of a World Association of Sand Therapy Professionals research project, which includes survey data from current sand therapy practitioners. The gathered information provides a representative sample of a range of international practitioners who provide sand therapy as a mental health intervention. Findings highlight the importance of education, experience, training, supervision, and several vital personal characteristics. Understanding these essential components and integrating them into credentialing programs will provide a solid base from which clinicians can strive toward and achieve proficiency within their sand therapy offerings.



sand therapy, sandtray, sandplay, standards, competencies


Homeyer, L., & Stone, J. (2023). Sand therapy standards: Views from the field. World Journal for Sand Therapy Practice, 1,(1).


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