The Effects of Music on Mood, Anxiety, and Job Satisfaction: Self-Reports from Occupational Workers




Smith, Jessica R.

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The effects of music on mood, anxiety and job satisfaction were investigated within an occupational setting of employees in a cardiologist office. All participants were exposed to nine consecutive Monday workdays alternating between classical music, dance/electronic music, or no music being played in the background throughout the workday. Participants’ self-reported positive and negative affect, state anxiety, and job satisfaction levels were measured twice during each experimental workday. 3 x 2 mixed-design ANOVAs and chi-square tests of association were used to assess the effects of the music intervention. Only two ANOVAs approached significance: music’s effect on anxiety and music’s effect on job satisfaction. Significant associations in subsequent chi-square tests were found, supporting the effects of music on anxiety and job satisfaction.



Job satisfaction, Anxiety, Mood, Music


Smith, J. R. (2012). <i>The effects of music on mood, anxiety, and job satisfaction: Self-reports from occupational workers</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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