Predictors of College Students' Attitudes Towards Privacy on Social Networks




Carruth, Kristen A.

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The daily use of Social Networking Sites (SNS) such as Facebook has become a routine for millions of Internet users. As a result, SNS’s are becoming more than just a phenomenon; they are a type of technology that is being massively adopted by societies around the world (Gross & Acquisti 2005). In particular, Facebook provides a place where users can personalize a profile with their information, pictures, and videos that can be shared with other users. Sometimes this information can be used in ways that may violate users privacy with and without their knowledge. This research addresses issues of privacy on Facebook as well as atttudes towards violations of one’s privacy. By surveying college students, this research will attempt to answer whether users’ Facebook use, Facebook self-efficacy, and attitudes towards Facebook privacy are significant predictors of privacy concerns about Facebook's use of personal information.



predictors, attitudes, social, network, Facebook, college, students, Honors College


Carruth, K. A. (2011). Predictors of college students' attitudes towards privacy on social networks (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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