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Lee, Madeline

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This thesis explores the making of a music album from home with the technology available to aspiring Texas State musicians. I will combine acoustic instruments with musical techniques available through technology, such as looping, electronic keyboards, and music editing software to create a music album of seven songs. This album will draw in equal measure from stories of biblical characters and my own personal friendship with Jesus. Biblical characters are both historic people who have walked with or rejected the Living God and examples of human imperfection in the midst of God’s grace and love. Most stories of biblical characters teach modern Christians important lessons about faith, living in a secular world, and the unwavering faithfulness of Jesus when humans fail. God calls all of us into deep friendship. I hope that some aspects of my friendship with Him will shine through in these songs. Sometimes biblical characters can feel remote from modern vernacular. I hope to bring a little of that modern language and perspective to stories which are familiar and often quite piercing in their beauty. I will detail the techniques and instruments I use, the struggles of recording, and the significance of each song on the album. Home music production and recording has been galvanized and transformed by online music editing software, affordable microphones, and electronic instrumentation.



Music, Christianity, album, God, Jesus, recording, songwriting, Bible, Biblical characters, Honors College


Lee, M. (2023). Leave notes: A Christian music album. Honors College, Texas State University.


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