Integration of Functional Oxides onto Silicon Substrates




Arava, Hanu K.

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<p>The purpose of this thesis is to investigate the integration of functional oxides onto silicon substrates using MBE and Spin-Coating techniques. Functionality is defined, by Materials Department of Imperial College of London, as any property in a material that is not load-bearing in nature. Examples of functionalities that are not load-bearing include magnetic, electric, electro-optic, pyroelectric and many more unique types of behavior. More-than-Moore is the primary motivation within the thesis. Unlike the standard Moore's Law predicting the doubling of semiconductor devices onto a single microchip, More-than-Moore looks into increasing functionality in a single microchip.</p> <p>Original work involving epitaxial growth of BMO on STO buffered Si substrates using MBE is demonstrated. Additionally successful growths of PZT, BIT and LNB on silicon and STO buffered silicon substrates using spin-coating have also been investigated. Integration of functional oxides on Si carries with it issues arising from lattice mismatch, stoichiometry, energy enthalpies and phase impurities. Therefore, structural characterizations such as RHEED, XPS and XRD have taken precedence. Ferroelectric hysteresis data for spin-coating growths involving PZT, BIT and LNB has been included.</p>



Oxides, MBE, Spin coating


Arava, H. K. (2014). <i>Integration of functional oxides onto silicon substrates</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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