Dynamics of Logistic Equations with Non-autonomous Bounded Coefficients




Nkashama, M. N.

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Southwest Texas State University, Department of Mathematics


We prove that the Verhulst logistic equation with positive non-autonomous bounded coefficients has exactly one bounded solution that is positive, and that does not approach the zero-solution in the past and in the future. We also show that this solution is an attractor for all positive solutions, some of which are shown to blow-up in finite time backward. Since the zero-solution is shown to be a repeller for all solutions that remain below the afore-mentioned one, we obtain an attractor-repeller pair, and hence (connecting) heteroclinic orbits. The almost-periodic attractor case is also discussed. Our techniques apply to the critical threshold-level equation as well.



Non-autonomous logistic equation, Threshold-level equation, Positive and bounded solutions, Comparison techniques, ω-limit points, Miximal and minimal bounded solutions, Almost-periodic functions, Separated solutions


Nkashama, M. N. (2000). Dynamics of logistic equations with non-autonomous bounded coefficients. <i>Electronic Journal of Differential Equations, 2000</i>(02), pp. 1-8.


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