Serials Title Changes and Successive Entries in OCLC Bibliographic Database




Khosh-khui, Sam Abolghasem

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The Haworth Press, Inc.


A random sample of OCLC serials bibliographic records, being changed at least once, was analyzed to find out if frequency of title changes varies significantly with variation in issuing source, country of publication, language, frequency, regularity, and subject content of serials. The title changes in serials published by different issuing sources, countries, languages, frequencies, regularities, and subject content were significantly different. Serials published by the Federal and state governments had a higher rate of title changes than serials published by nongovernmental bodies. Serials published in the United States had the highest rate of change. Serials issued in two to three languages were changed less frequently than serials issued in one, or more than three languages. Semimonthly, monthly, and bimonthly serials were changed more frequently than serials with other frequencies of publication. Serials published irregularly with a predictable pattern of publication were changed more often than serials issued regularly or completely irregularly. Serials in the fields of science and technology had a higher rate of title change than serials published in other fields.



periodicals, title changes, successive entries, OCLC, bibliographic records


Khosh-khui, S. A. (1986). Serials title changes and successive entries in OCLC bibliographic database. The Serials Librarian, 11(2), pp. 83-91.


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