Measuring Gatekeepers' Suicide Awareness and Perceived Self-efficacy Regarding Adolescent Suicide in the San Marcos Public School System




Price, Marci E.

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Adolescent suicide is increasing at a significant rate. In fact, adolescent suicide is increasing at a greater rate than any other age group. This study addressed the problem of suicide in the San Marcos Public Schools (the location of the study) where two suicides were reported in the past year. While the researcher was working on this study, another student ended his life. In response to potential adolescent suicides, this study examined the extent to which counselors, coaches, nurses and diagnosticians in the San Marcos, Texas, Independent School System are prepared to recognize adolescents at risk for suicide. In addition, this study examined the school staff’s perceived self-efficacy as it related to identifying students at risk for suicide. The present study made an effort to establish whether there is a need for suicide awareness education and training in the schools. The overwhelming majority of gatekeepers knew the appropriate risk factors for adolescent suicide; however, showed low levels of perceived self-efficacy in regards to adolescent suicide. This study recommends that education on adolescent suicide be implemented in the school systems examined.



risk factors, teenagers, suicide prevention, suicidal behavior


Price, M. E. (2002) Measuring gatekeepers' suicide awareness and perceived self-efficacy regarding adolescent suicide in the San Marcos public school system (Unpublished thesis). Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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