Female Clients and Endometriosis in the Social Work Health Care Setting




Rodriguez, Brianna

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Texas State University. School of Social Work.


This piece highlights women's plight in the health care setting. Far too often, women seeking medical sanctuary are overlooked and dismissed as cases of what was once known as "female hysteria." This paper focuses on the journey of Cassie Bennett, a hypothetical client struggling with a diagnosis that primarily impacts women: Endometriosis. This paper aims to analyze and provide constructive feedback regarding the treatment provided to Ms. Bennett and start a conversation about the importance of client advocacy and empathy. The world of health care can seem quite intimidating to clients. It is the responsibility of health care professionals and social workers to establish healthy rapport and conduct in-depth assessments of clients to ensure that all used forms of intervention are appropriate for the client. Another important aspect of this case study is the need for a successful discharge plan. Care does not stop when the client leaves the facility. Please refer to Figure 1 for a brief brochure summarizing the findings of this paper.



health care, social work, endometriosis


Rodriguez, B. (2022). Female clients and endometriosis in the social work health care setting. Louder Than Words, 2(1), pp. 32-42.


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