Identidad Rasgado y La Lengua Perdida: The Impact of a Traditional Literary Canon on Latino Perceptions of Identity




Hernandez, Ariana

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Education today is a space for student’s identity development. The socialization of a student depends on interaction with others. In the school system, student’s perceptions of themselves are built from the perceptions of their peers, parents, teachers, and the curriculum. The literary canon as it stands today continues to have a dominant focus on the white, middle-class, male perspective. In this study, three Latinos were interviewed in regards to their experiences in their high school English Language Arts Courses. Their reflections on their experiences and current literature on the topic displays a correlation between the literary canon studied in a student’s English education and their perceptions of their ethnicity.



identity, literary canon, English education, public school education, Latino perceptions of identity, Honors College


Hernandez, A. (2015). Identidad rasgado y la lengua perdida: The impact of a traditional literary canon on Latino perceptions of identity (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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