Redeveloping the Urban Environment: Perceived Value in Historic Properties




Ainsworth, Jennifer

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While maintaining an important role in an urban community's planning strategy, historic preservation often loses attention when competing with approaches specifically targeting economic revitalization, environmental degradation, and smart growth. Boasting strategic location and unique character, structures listed on the National Historic Register must attract commercial developers willing to commit to enhancing the historical integrity of the building as well as providing it with new economic vitality and relevance in the community. Yet all members of the community, including local and state governments, may have different views regarding the various choices made between modification and conservation in the process. Community participants share no widely-accepted standards by which to measure the end result of an historic redevelopment. Through intercept surveys, interviews, and historic research, this study creates a beneficial tool a historic preservation board may use to begin assessing redevelopment of a historic building. Basing its applicability on a case study of a recently redeveloped structure in Austin, Texas, the instrument aids in promoting community discussion and the overall satisfaction with the both the restored structure and new commercial endeavor.



Historic preservation, Commercial redevelopment, Urban geography, Landscape perception


Ainsworth, J. (2008). <i>Redeveloping the urban environment: Perceived value in historic properties</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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