Unaided and Aided Brand Recall in Podcast Advertising: An Experiment in the Role of Source Credibility's Impact on Brand Message Efficacy




Fischer, Vera K.

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Podcasts have gained popularity among advertisers as an effective method for reaching their intended audience. The reason for this popularity is the niche content delivered to targeted audiences. Advertisers find these audiences to be narrowly targeted and therefore brand placement messages can have a greater consumer impact. The present study assesses the role of source credibility on aided and unaided brand recall in podcast advertising. Research measured the perceived credibility of the podcast host (source) in three dimensions: expertise, knowledge and attractiveness. Using four different podcast episode genres, an audio experiment controlled for gender of host, brand placement and length of podcast episode was conducted on 113 college students. Participants rated credibility of the podcast host, attitude towards the brand and purchase intention. Analysis confirmed that host expertise had the strongest impact on unaided brand recall.



Podcasts, Unaided and aided recall, Host source credibility, Podcast advertising


Fischer, V. K. (2019). <i>Unaided and aided brand recall in podcast advertising: An experiment in the role of source credibility's impact on brand message efficacy</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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