Illuminating the Faculty and Staff of Color Voice through their Lived Experiences: Contextualizing Mentoring and Resilience




Lowney, John

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This phenomenological qualitative research study sought to examine the lived experiences of eight full-time faculty and staff of color at a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI). The study’s design illuminated the voice of the faculty and staff of color by providing in-depth insight to how mentoring experiences have affected the development of resilience among full-time faculty and staff of color and differentiating how intersectional identities of faculty and staff members of color have impacted the development of resilience or the mentoring they have received. Hence, this study contributed to the existing body of literature. The research question guiding this study was: How do faculty and staff of color at a Central Texas HSI utilize mentoring experiences to develop resilience and persist in their careers, given the intersectionality of their identities? Data collection sources for this study included two 60-to 90-minute individual interviews with eight full-time faculty and staff members employed at an HSI, archival data, a researcher’s journal, and field notes. Taylor-Powell and Renner’s (2003) phenomenological data analysis method was employed as a data analysis methodology.



Career satisfaction, Employment satisfaction, Ethnicity, Cultural attributes, Mentoring


Lowney, J. (2018). <i>Illuminating the faculty and staff of color voice through their lived experiences: Contextualizing mentoring and resilience</i> (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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