Study on the Performances of Waste Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt Mixture with Eco-Friendly Diatomite and Basalt Fiber




Wang, Wensheng
Cheng, Yongchun
Chen, Heping
Tan, Guojin
Lv, Zehua
Bai, Yunshuo

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Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute


A sustainable and environmentally friendly society is developing rapidly, in which pavement engineering is an essential part. Therefore, more attention has been paid toward waste utilization and urban noise pollution in road construction. The object of this study was not only to investigate the mix proportion of waste crumb modified asphalt mixtures with diatomite and basalt fiber but also to evaluate the comprehensive performances including sound and vibration absorption of modified asphalt mixtures. Firstly, the mix proportion scheme was designed based on Marshall indices and sound and vibration absorption properties according to the orthogonal experimental method. Considering the specification requirements, as well as better performances, the optimal mix proportion was determined as follows: diatomite content at 7.5%, basalt fiber content at 0.3%, and asphalt-aggregate ratio at 5.5%. The range and variance analysis results indicated that asphalt-aggregate ratio has the most significant influence on volumetric parameters, diatomite has the most significant influence on sound absorption, and basalt fiber has the most significant influence on vibration reduction. Furthermore, the conventional pavement performances and sustainable sound and vibration absorption performances of modified asphalt mixtures were also analyzed. The results showed that the performances of modified asphalt mixtures were improved to different extents compared to the base asphalt mixture. This may be attributed to the microporous structure property of diatomite and the spatial network structure formed by basalt fibers. The pavement as well as sound and vibration absorption performances of the waste crumb modified asphalt mixture with diatomite and basalt fiber would be a good guidance for asphalt pavement design.



asphalt mixture, diatomite, basalt fiber, orthogonal experiment, sound absorption, vibration absorption, Ingram School of Engineering


Wang, W., Cheng, Y., Chen, H., Tan, G., Lv, Z., & Bai, Y. (2019). Study on the performances of waste crumb rubber modified asphalt mixture with eco-friendly diatomite and basalt fiber. Sustainability, 11(19): 5282.


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