Resilience through Podcasts, Video and Digital Media




Charger, Rain
Lynch, Shane
Pena-Sandoval, Guillermina
Mills, Tweesna Rose

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Digital Humanities is communication through the condition of modern existence and at the University of Kansas we are striving for a multidisciplinary approach to illustrate the experiences of people. This panel consist of four graduate students who are engaging in bringing voices to marginalized communities. Guillermina Pena-Sandoval will describe her research into the Mesoamerican culture of the Nahua peoples and digital storytelling. Ms. Pena-Sandoval inquiry includes the roles of women and the influences of goddesses in Nahualismo religious practices. Rain Charger will be analyzing how podcasts can be a tool for Indigenous tribal community dialogue, culture revitalization, historical contextualization, and Indigenous futurities. Shane Lynch will present his research into Indigenous philosophies and the utilization of technology to create a new experience from traditional storytelling. Mr. Lynch’s work is based on the O’odham and Yuman peoples of the Gila River Indian Community (Arizona) creation stories and the continuation of culture by adapting to new media such as storyboards, story mapping, and video games. Tweesna Rose Mills is an Indigenous activist from Washington who will be discussing Indigenous activism that has occurred during her lifetime. Ms. Mills has been involved in activism all throughout her life and is presenting a story map of events and video of activism that she has been involved with. All of these projects hope to create dialogue and understanding, thus creating a community of voices that all peoples may participate in.



digital media, podcasts, technology, indigenous peoples, digital humanities


Charger, R., Lynch, S., Pena-Sandoval, G., & Mills, T. R. (2018). Resilience through podcasts, video and digital media [Conference presentation]. Digital Frontiers Annual Conference, Lawrence, KS, United States.


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