A Faunal Survey of Ezell's Cave Hays County, Texas




Davis, James C.

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Past studies in Ezell's Cave have dealt primarily with a general description of the cave (Uhlenhuth, 1921 and Russell, 1976), the history (Davis, 1971a), and short-term faunal collections (Eigenmann, 1900; Uhlenhuth, 1921; Mohr, 1948a; Mitchell and Reddell, 1971; Reddell, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1970a, 1970b, and 1970c; and others). From these studies a large number of organisms from the cave were discovered and described. No study has been made over a continuous period of time to ascertain the details of the populations residing in the cave. The present study was designed to gather basic information available about Ezell's Cave and to form a data base upon which other future studies can be made. Detailed baseline knowledge of the cave as a self contained ecosystem will be very helpful in the design, evaluation, and comprehension of future studies. This study of Ezell's Cave was conducted from 1 January 1978, to 31 March 1979. The objectives of the study were: 1) to summarize all important literature concerning Ezell's Cave, 2) to supply additional descriptive information about the cave during the study period, 3) to prepare an annotated checklist of organisms found, and 4) to determine the distribution and relative numbers of each kind of organism in the various parts of the cave during the study period.



Ezell's Cave, Hays County, San Marcos, fauna


Davis, J. C. (1979). A faunal survey of Ezell's Cave Hays County, Texas (Unpublished thesis). Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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