Women, Anger, and Protest: Analyzing the Political Value of Feminine Rage




Barker, Claire Ainsley

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The aim of Anger, Women, and Protest: Analyzing the Political Value of Feminine Rage, is to determine the political impacts of gendered anger. Activism requires anger in order to be successful. Everyone experiences anger, but gender differences dictate the degree to which anger can be expressed. Anger is less accessible to women, and in this their activism is largely silenced. By examining the 19th century Cult of True Womanhood and its subsequent hold on present culture, it is revealed how and why women have been removed from expressions of anger. Women’s anger and its significance to political activism is highlighted through analyses of the 2018 Kavanaugh hearing and the protests that followed. This case study exemplifies the idea that anger is a tool for social change that women are ultimately being deprived of. Conclusively, this study addresses the relationship between women’s rage and democracy as well as what it would mean to un-gender anger.



feminism, psychology, activism, women's studies, anger, protest, politics, Trump, Kavanaugh, Honors College


Barker, C. A. (2020). Women, anger, and protest: Analyzing the political value of feminine rage (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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