The Depletion of World Fisheries




Strickler, Maxwell Robert

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The continued overfishing of world fisheries is a serious problem that already has and will continue to affect millions more people in the coming decades. More technology is being used every year than any previous year in history, just to maintain the status quo of the world fish catch. The impact of this technology on the fisheries is severely damaging and at the current rate we are catching fish, is unsustainable. This work talks about world population change and how that affects the world fishery stocks. Topics covered also include a discussion into government subsidies and how that affects the fishing industry. The United National Convention on the Law of the Sea is also discussed and how funding for programs to enforce UNCLOS laws are presently insufficient. A case study is presented of the Red Snapper fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico and the Southern Atlantic.



fish, overfishing, fishery, fisheries, depletion, Honors College


Strickler, M. R. (2008). The depletion of world fisheries (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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