The Influence of an Igneous Dike on Stream Capture and Terrace Development: Maverick Badlands Big Bend National Park, Texas




Melancon, Matthew S.

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The purpose of this study is to build a research framework to aid in answering the question: What influence does a dike have on local drainage and base levels in the Maverick Badlands of Big Bend National Park, Texas? In the drainage of Rough Run Creek a resistant igneous dike cuts through relatively non-resistant badland forming sediments. This dike runs orthogonal to local stream flow and has three breaches at different stages, which indicate the history of stream diversion. As the downstream side of the dike is uncovered through headward erosion, a collapse occurs resulting in stream diversion and capture. Several strath terraces, remnants from former erosional sequences on Rough Run Creek, record the impact and erosional history of the terraces related to breaching of the dike. GIS was applied to map these terraces, to piece together the history of terrace development of the small badland valley that comprises the study area. In the field the length, width, and slope of the terraces were measured and then the location of each is recorded with GPS.



dikes, terraces, streamflow, igneous rocks, engineering


Melancon, M. S. (2009). The influence of an igneous dike on stream capture and terrace development: Maverick Badlands Big Bend National Park, Texas (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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