Accessibility of ETDs: Raising the Bar




Johnson, Liz
Lyon, Colleen
Waugh, Laura

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Accessibility of online content is of a focus of effort for many higher ed institutions. Electronic theses and dissertations are no exception to this, and graduate school and library staff have been working to improve the accessibility of content submitted by their graduate students. As part of the spring 2021 TxETDA webinar series, staff from Montana State University, Texas State University, and the University of Texas at Austin will describe the current status of accessibility in institutional repositories (based on a 2020 survey), talk about gaps in accessibility for ETDs, and share templates and workflow ideas for improving ETD accessibility.


A recording of this presentation can be found on the TxETDA Webinar Series YouTube:


accessibility, electronic theses and dissertations, ETDs, graduate schools, institutional repositories


Johnson, L., Lyon, C., & Waugh, L. (2021). Accessibility of ETDs: Raising the bar [Webinar]. Texas Electronic Theses and Dissertations Association.


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