Study Hard, Eat Less: Exploring Food Insecurity Among College Students

Allen, Alejandro C.
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Rates of food insecurity are significantly higher among college students than among the general population. In this thesis, I share findings from an ethnographic study exploring how students experience food insecurity. In particular, I highlight the challenges students face in living up to expectations of the collegiate experience while managing various intersecting demands, including feeding themselves, rigorous coursework, employment, socializing, and time management. In reaction to these challenges, students develop creative ways to eat, and construct a view of food insecurity that relies on its status as a shared and temporary condition tied to their identities as college students.
Food insecurity, College students, Self-discipline, Struggling college student, Cultural capital, Categories of normality, Food bank use
Allen, A. C. (2019). <i>Study hard, eat less: Exploring food insecurity among college students</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.