Perception of Latina immigrant patients: Effects on the level of care offered by health students




Rizzo Esposito, Alessandra

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Latinx immigrants are a continuously growing part of American society; however, Latina immigrants are one of the populations most impacted by higher health risks, limited healthcare resources, and intersecting gender and ethnic biases against them (Batalova et al., 2018; Clark et al., 2020). Research has found that negative attitudes of professional and student providers toward Latinx patients are contributors to the substandard healthcare quality that these immigrants receive (Chapman et al., 2018). The purpose of the present study was to expand the literature by assessing the attitudes toward the Latinx immigrants held by students training to be healthcare providers (Plant et al., 2008). Results showed these attitudes interacted with patient characteristics in influencing the level of care provided to Latina patients. Specifically, we found that the interaction of attitudes of the student provider toward immigrants and the perceived Americanism of the patient significantly predicted the likelihood of high-quality care provided for the hypothetical patient. These empirical results could serve as useful evidence for promoting culturally competent intervention methods in the healthcare fields; negative attitudes toward Latinx immigrants could be addressed by challenging the concept of the prototypical American, thus buffering the influence of attitudes on the quality of care these patients may receive.



Latina immigrants, Healthcare students, Likelihood of care, Americanism


Rizzo Esposito, A. (2022). <i>Perception of Latina immigrant patients: Effects on the level of care offered by health students</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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