Instructing Children in the Use of Computing Technology through Physical Connection with Digital and Mobile Devices




Kite, Kelsey Elizabeth

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Mobile technology such as smartphones and tablet computers are growing in popularity. These devices are already starting to make an impact not only on individuals, but numerous areas of society. Children can greatly benefit from learning how to utilize these tools in a parent-directed method that encourages discovery and creativity. An understanding of these devices is predicted to benefit them throughout their education and future career. To address this understanding, this thesis proposes the design of a short activity book to be used for children aged 4-8 working alongside a parent. The activity book will be used by parents to teach their children how they can use smartphones, and tablet computers, for productive purposes and creative endeavors and to encourage children to become excited self-educators.



education, children, activity, book, technology, website, smartphone, Honors College


Kite, K. E. (2012). Instructing children in the use of computing technology through physical connection with digital and mobile devices (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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