Human Knowledge Seeking and Information Visualization: Exploring New Possibilities




Uzwyshyn, Raymond

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This presentation presents a historical overview of human knowledge seeking and information visualization from the ancient past to present day. It survey knowledge management from historical perspectives looking at Information Visualization from a broader historical valence and the beginnings of search and retrieval, technology and human memory, disruptive technologies and augmenting human intelligence with technological tools. It pauses to overview the beginnings of metadata and metaphors for screen space in relation to visual metaphor. It overviews the orchestration of multimedia through metaphors of visual narrative with regards to information search and retrieval. The presentation reflects on the necessity of interdisciplinarity among information science and other disciplines (Interface Design, Visual Semiotics) and the importance of visual grammars and codes in designing any information system for the present or future



knowledge management, information visualization, search and retrieval, Thompson ISI 2006 Samuel Lazerow Memorial Lecture, technology and memory, disruptive technologies, augmenting human intelligence, metadata, screenspace, multimedia, visual grammars and codes, information landscapes


Uzwyshyn, R. (2006). Human knowledge seeking and information visualization: Exploring new possibilities. Thompson ISI 2006 Samuel Lazerow Memorial Lecture. School of Information Studies. Texas Women's University.


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