Scaling of Human Brain Component




Lewis, Kerrie P.

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The question of whether or not the human has garnered some interest in recent years. One line of research in this area concerns the relative size of regions of interest (ROI) in the brains of primates, and tends to focus on interspecific analyzes. In asking and answering questions of interspecific scaling, it is necessary to understand intraspecific scaling. Using over 100 published datasets, I analyzed 48 ROIs in the brains of healthy human adults to understand both [1] relative scaling in the human brain and [2] variability in human brains. I produced allometric equations (OLS and RMA), correlation coefficients, and measures of variation. While for some ROIs there appears to be consistency across studies, more often my findings demonstrate that there exists a high level of variability among datasets that measure the same ROI. The study addresses a number of inconsistencies in the framework of measurement error and statistical bias. Addressing these issues is crucial to our understanding of human brain evolution.


Research Enhancement Program Final Report


scaling, human brain, ROI


Lewis, K. P. (2007). Scaling of human brain component. Research Enhancement Program, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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