Cleanup of Netlibrary Cataloging Records: A Methodical Front-End Process




Sanchez, Elaine
Fatout, Leslie
Howser, Aleene
Vance, Charles

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The Haworth Press, Inc.


Electronic resources and ebooks in particular, have become a very important source of information for library patrons. When our library was given access to more than 20,000 ebooks, we were faced with bibliographic records of unknown quality. To provide high-quality records in a timely manner, we identified as many potential problems as we could, worked with reference staff to create the best PAC displays, and created efficient record-editing methods to address these issues prior to loading the records in our database. This article documents that process and describes the MarcEdit, Word, and Excel strategies used to methodically correct and improve these records. It also offers practical solutions and procedures for database maintenance and quality control for NetLibrary or any outsourced cataloging records. The future of ebooks and other related cataloging issues, including authority control, are also discussed as points that remain to be addressed.



NetLibrary, cataloging, procedures, cleanup, ebook, database maintenance, front-end, process, quality control, edit, outsourcing, online catalog, metadata, record loading, bibliographic, MarcEdit, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, macro, spreadsheet


Sanchez, E., Fatout, L., Howser, A., & Vance, C. (2006). Cleanup of Netlibrary cataloging records: A methodical front-end process. Technical Services Quarterly, 23(4), pp. 51-70.


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