Selling the Television War by Using Social Identity Theory




Thompson, Tucker

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So often it is said how powerful Hollywood's influence is on society, but rarely do we look at how effective movies are when altering public perception on political issues. This thesis is meant highlight a very controversial event in United States history which is the Vietnam War, and how Hollywood films have Social Identity Theory present in the movies to alter the perception of the War. In order to effectively accomplish this we need to have a clear understanding of what Social Identity Theory entails, as well as what public opinion and perception of the war was during and soon after it ended. Viewers must also take a step back and interpret the underlying messages movies about the Vietnam War are trying to convey, and if the theory that focuses on the "us versus them" complex is present within the films.



social identity theory, Vietnam War, movies, film, Honors College


Thompson, T. (2019). Selling the television war by using social identity theory (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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