La Guerra del Chaco, sus Figuras Historicas y su Influencia en la Novela Boliviana




Cuellar-Brashear, Diva N.

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This thesis will analyze literary texts on the Chaco War. The war took place between the countries of Bolivia and Paraguay from 1932-1935. The thesis has an introduction. The first chapter contains a description of the origins and development of the war based on historical events that occurred in the Chaco war. The second chapter focuses on the challenges and sufferings to which the Bolivian soldier is subjected during the war. This is seen in the novels and stories that are historical accounts of human suffering that took placed in the war. An analysis is performed of these facts and the impact that these events caused in Bolivian society. As a result of these events a new American man is born, this man intends to transform his society. This society before the war had been plunged into a static and inert state in the political, socio-economic and educational arenas. Chapter three focuses on the figure of a historical hero of the Chaco War, Don Carmelo Cuéllar Jiménez. He represents the stereotype of the new American man. He started in the war as a soldier and later on he came to exert a strong influence on the political history of Bolivia in the years after the conflict; he was a soldier loyal to his country, he also held key positions in the Bolivian government as a senator, diplomat, governor, and worked as a journalist, a critic and a writer. The thesis mentions what has been written about his performance in the military, as well as his participation in the political arena in Bolivian’s politics and the influence of legends and myths in the creation of the new American man after the war. And the fourth chapter arrives to the conclusions reached after analyzing the literary texts that described the tragic events that occurred during the war.



Chaco War, literature and the war


Cuellar-Brashear, D. N. (2011). La guerra del Chaco, sus figuras historicas y su influencia en la novela boliviana (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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