Layers of Perception: Unfolding Meaning




Hays, Michelle R.

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A collaborative book project between graphic designer Michelle Hays and artist Randall Reid communicates the subject matter of layers physical and metaphorical by exploring Reid's topographic paintings and art making process. The design of the book demonstrates the possibilities of incorporating aspects of learning theory (i.e., visual, verbal, and kinesthetic) as a basis for creating design projects, which communicate on multiple levels. This book exhibits different ways of understanding layers by inviting the reader to engage physically with the form through visual, tactile, and interactive methods beyond the typical reading experience of a book. It also demonstrates the interplay between process, materials, form, senses, text, and imagery to provide a pragmatic example on how a theory physically manifests through design decisions. An essay composed by art historian Erina Duganne and an interview between the artist and Hays provide written insights into Reid's work, process, influences, and inspirations in addition to the visual and interactive experiences throughout the book.


Research Enhancement Program Final Report


perception, graphic desige, layers, topographic painting, art, visual art


Hays, M. R. (2007). Layers of perception: Unfolding meaning. Research Enhancement Program, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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