The Syrian Refugee Narrative: A Content Analysis of Media Frames During the Syrian Refugee Crisis




Burns, Emily

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This study examined news coverage of the Syrian refugee crisis from 2011-2018. Specifically, it investigated how various mainstream news publications framed the Syrian refugee story, the overall tone of coverage, and shifts in coverage of the Syrian refugee crisis over time. Refugees were depicted positively. Tone of coverage became more positive over time, and the most common frames employed were the foreign government response frame and the conflict frame. The foreign government frame described how governments outside of the U.S. responded to the Syrian refugee crisis and the conflict frame was used to describe any form of conflict between individuals, groups, institutions, or countries. Results of this study suggests the coverage of humanitarian crises is impacted by the power of framing.



Syrian refugee crisis, Media frames


Burns, E. (2019). The Syrian refugee narrative: A content analysis of media frames during the Syrian refugee crisis</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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