On the Effect of Jamming Attacks on Cyber Physical Systems with the Focus on Target Tracking Applications




Guirguis, Emad

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A Cyber-Physical System (CPS) is a one that features coordination between computational and physical components. CPSs are used in a diverse number of areas such as aerospace, chemical processes, civil infrastructure, healthcare, etc. The principal goal of CPSs is to monitor the behavior of the physical components and adjust their behaviors through the proper control signals. Due to their reliance on wireless technologies with shared mediums, communication between the components is vulnerable to various attacks. Thus, it is important to address such vulnerabilities as this research area grows. In this thesis, we assess the security of CPSs through experimental evaluation for two different components in target tracking applications. In the first component, we assess the impact of low level jamming attacks on convergence properties in different target tracking scenarios. Surprisingly, this study uncovers some of the benefits realized when systems are subjected to low level of jamming. In the second component, we study intelligent jamming attack techniques whereby an attacker aims to increase his/her reward based on various jamming attack policies and actions. This component raises awareness for the impact of a determined attacker who is bent on inflicting damage with the minimum cost. Our evaluation is conducted through the SRV-1 robots.



Jamming Attacks, Cyber Physical Systems, CPS, Target Tracking Applications, Computer Science, Mobile CPS, Attack Paradox, Smart Policies, Improved Policy


Guirguis, E. (2012). On the effect of jamming attacks on cyber physical systems with the focus on target tracking applications</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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