The Evolution of the Modern Era of Geographic Education Through Messages that Established the Foundation for K-12 Educators




Patton, Matthew T.
Blanchard, R. Denise
Boehm, Richard G.

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The Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education


This study examines key foundational documents and publications over the last several decades-the modem period of geographic education-to shed perspective on the evolution of the field through collaborations, writings, and events by pioneering leadership in K-12 geographic education. In doing so, this paper also identifies and elucidates seminal and significant "messages" of information, instruction, and guidance that have been disseminated by the university world of geography to K-12 geography teachers and opens the door for future research concerning the degree to which these "messages" have been received, understood, accepted and acted upon in the teaching of school geography.



geography, K-12 geographic education, geography education instruction, education communication, evolution of geographic education


Patton, M.T., Blanchard, R.D., & Boehm, R.G. (2016). The evolution of the modern era of geographic education through messages that established the foundation for K-12 educators. Research in Geographic Education, 18(2), pp. 10-25.


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