The Role of Music Theater in Deciphering the Popular Culture of Late Nineteenth-Century Spain




Harney, Lucy

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Based on my research at, primarily, the Biblioteca Nacional in Madrid from July 10 to July 31 of 2005, I was able 1) to finish and submit an article exploring the ideological relationship between zarzuela and the European tradition of pastoral writing, 2) to finish and submit an article that focuses specifically on the musical texts of various zarzuelas in an effort to characterize the signifying function of the music as a separable text, 3) to write and submit an article intended to offer a critical analysis of zarzuela which integrates the cultural (aesthetic, social, and political) forces to be inferred from the works themselves, as well as from the wide range of editorial commentary drawn together over the past century, and 4) to gather research for a fourth article that discusses the transposition of zarzuela from Spain to Cuba in the twentieth century, focusing on the political subtexts of three late nineteenth-century Spanish zarzuelas and the most influential Cuban zarzuela, Gonzalo Roig’s Cecilia Valdés.


Research Enhancement Program Final Report


music, theater, popular culture, nineteenth-century, Spain, Zarzuela, European tradition


Harney, L. (2005). <i>The role of music theater in deciphering the popular culture of late nineteenth-century Spain</i>. Research Enhancement Program, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.


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