Making Pi and Rethinking Teacher Education Program




Bui, Mai

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This poster presents four activities specifically designed for prospective elementary and middle school teachers who are taking a content course in geometry and measurement. These activities aim to help prospective teachers deepen their understanding of the formula for the circumference of a circle and the meaning of constant Pi as well as build the necessary skills to become well-prepared beginning teachers of mathematics. The first three activities guide prospective teachers to explore and re-explore the formula using non-standard units, standard units, and technology. Following this, prospective teachers will engage in a group discussion about the affordances and limitations of each activity and consider important factors when designing and selecting mathematical tasks for their future instructional practices. The activities offer opportunities for prospective teachers to deepen their mathematical knowledge and build their professional skills and identity simultaneously. Participants’ reflection evidenced the positive impacts of this approach on their essential knowledge and skills for teaching as well as their dispositions and views toward mathematics education.



pi, teaching, mathematics education


Bui, M. (2023). Making Pi and rethinking teacher education program. Poster presented at the Graduate Student Research Conference, San Marcos, Texas.


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