Effectiveness of the alternative educational support project at Southwest Texas State University

McCoo, Joan
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This qualitative, multi-site, bounded, case study serves as a summative evaluation of the Alternative Educational Support Project (AESP). A total of 117 educators, administrators, support staff, and law enforcement personnel from San Antonio, Richardson, the Bexar County Learning Center, Galveston, and El Paso were selected by random sampling to evaluate workshops conducted by AESP. This research presents the experiences of workshop attendees and how these experiences impacted their knowledge and implementation of the guidelines contained in Texas Education Code, Chapter 37. Analysis of data revealed a variety of conclusions. Failure of AESP to provide sufficient follow-up to the training sessions limited its impact on workshop attendees. Some participants could not remember the training topics or attending the workshop. Police officers reported that the information learned was good, but had no impact on their job performance. Educators, administrators, and support staff who remembered the training sessions found the workshops informative, relevant, and gave them the ability to deal effectively with troubled students.
Alternative education
McCoo, J. (2002). <i>Effectiveness of the alternative educational support project at Southwest Texas State University</i> (Unpublished thesis). Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.