A Global Survey of Transnational Criminal Entities and International Law Enforcement Organizations' Interdiction Against Human Trafficking




Bailey, Justin

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It is important for law enforcement and civil agencies to understand the connections between organized criminal groups and how each group forms bonds with others regarding the transport and trafficking in persons. Without this understanding, transnational crime will grow and threaten the state’s stability, as well as individuals’ freedom. Both secondary and primary data sources were used to illustrate the structure of criminal transnational human trafficking organizations and the international law enforcement groups. Asian, Eastern European, Western European, Latin American, and African criminal groups and regional interdiction agencies are discussed along with recommendations for future efforts to interdict and curb human trafficking. Training and funding for antitrafficking measures is lacking as well as proper education to prevent vulnerable persons from becoming entrapped by human trafficking rings. This study finds that increasing law enforcement training and funding allocations along with greater efforts to standardize international legal practice will negatively affect human traffickers and the vast transnational criminal organizations.



Law enforcement, Human trafficking, Criminals


Bailey, J. (2011). <i>A global survey of transnational criminal entities and international law enforcement organizations' interdiction against human trafficking</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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