Some Overwhelming Question: A One-Act Play




Knoble, Leah G.

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In broad terms, this is a play about the experience of navigating the world as a woman. This play explores the comical side of dating as a woman in the digital age, but it also delves into the more sinister side. It is told in a series of brief scenes. The play is supposed to have a semi-transient quality to it, as if the actors could disappear at any moment. Since the play is about moments, every moment must seem both final and fragile. It explores whether memory can be trusted or if every memory that humans possess has been altered in some way, regardless of intention. Every human being sanitizes their memories, so the play explores the sanitization of memory along with the grit of memory. There are the flimsy moments that are closer to tissue paper and can easily be doubted, and then there are the real, authentic moments that ground the play in something more. There is a juxtaposition between this flimsy, fantastical element and the heavy, grounded element, and they play off each other culminating in some sort of semi-realism, semi-absurd way, which parallels life as something ridiculous and difficult and beautiful.



play, theatre, dating, women, dangers of dating, Honors College


Knoble, L. G. (2017). Some overwhelming question: A one-act play (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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