Learning Management Software (LMS) for Teaching Agricultural Sciences: The Role of Age in Faculty's Adoption Before and During COVID-19




Catalan, Emily
Drewery, Merritt
Anderson, Ryan
Omana Sudhakaran, Pratheesh

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North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture


Public health guidance during Covid-19 required educators to transition their face-to-face courses to online platforms. Accordingly, faculty adopted technology into their pedagogy to maintain continuity in the online classroom. The objective of our study was to determine how time, age (Millennial versus Generation X versus Baby Boomer), and the interaction of time and age impacted post-secondary faculty adoption of LMS for teaching agricultural sciences before and during Covid-19. Our data indicate that general LMS use for teaching significantly increased during Covid-19. Faculty from the Baby Boomer and Generation X generations, overall, used LMS for teaching less often than Millennial faculty; however, when analyzing use only during Covid-19, there were not differences between generations. Cumulatively, this indicates that Millennial faculty are more likely to voluntarily adopt LMS for teaching but that faculty from previous generations will adapt and use LMS when conditions necessitate it. We observed similar outcomes for the use of LMS to facilitate certain classroom functions (e.g., post PowerPoint slides and grades). To ensure proper use of LMS, post-secondary institutions should invest in training for faculty. This training should be geared towards the learning style and technological competency of Baby Boomer and Generation X, rather than Millennial, faculty.



public health, COVID-19, education, learning management software, Agricultural Sciences


Catalan, E., Drewery, M. L., Anderson, R. G., & Sudhakaran, P. O. (2021). Learning management software (LMS) for teaching agricultural sciences: The role of age in faculty's adoption before and during COVID-19. North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) Journal, 65, pp. 442-454.


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