Machine Learning Approach to Develop a Novel Multi-Objective Optimization Method for Pavement Material Proportion




Liang, Chunyu
Xu, Xin
Chen, Heping
Wang, Wensheng
Zheng, Kunkun
Tan, Guojin
Gu, Zhengwei
Zhang, Hao

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Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute


Asphalt mixture proportion design is one of the most important steps in asphalt pavement design and application. This study proposes a novel multi-objective particle swarm optimization (MOPSO) algorithm employing the Gaussian process regression (GPR)-based machine learning (ML) method for multi-variable, multi-level optimization problems with multiple constraints. First, the GPR-based ML method is proposed to model the objective and constraint functions without the explicit relationships between variables and objectives. In the optimization step, the metaheuristic algorithm based on adaptive weight multi-objective particle swarm optimization (AWMOPSO) is used to achieve the global optimal solution, which is very efficient for the objectives and constraints without mathematical relationships. The results showed that the optimal GPR model could describe the relationship between variables and objectives well in terms of root-mean-square error (RMSE) and R<sup>2</sup>. After the optimization by the proposed GPR-AWMOPSO algorithm, the comprehensive pavement performances were enhanced in terms of the permanent deformation resistance at high temperature, crack resistance at low temperature as well as moisture stability. Therefore, the proposed GPR-AWMOPSO algorithm is the best option and efficient for maximizing the performances of composite modified asphalt mixture. The GPR-AWMOPSO algorithm has advantages of less computational time and fewer samples, higher accuracy, etc. over traditional laboratory-based experimental methods, which can serve as guidance for the proportion optimization design of asphalt pavement.



asphalt mixture, proportion optimization, particle swarm optimization, Gaussian process regression, machine learning, Ingram School of Engineering


Liang, C., Xu, X., Chen, H., Wang, W., Zheng, K., Tan, G., Gu, Z., & Zhang, H. (2021). Machine learning approach to develop a novel multi-objective optimization method for pavement material proportion. Applied Sciences, 11(2), 835.


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