A Critique of the Standardization of Geography Education in Germany




Dickel, Mirka

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The Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education


The preparation and adoption of national standards among many countries has been a common practice during the past three decades. This paper presents a critical analysis of the Standards for German Geography Education published in 2006, as well as, a broader critique of standardization in education. The discussion is set within the context of the educational reform movement in Germany over the past decade. The analysis presents critiques from both philosophical, as well as, practical perspectives, and cites instances where standardization and its effects on education fail to address meaningful content in geography for students, teachers, and society. The article delves into the important questions that address the meaning of education. While attention is devoted to Germany education, the articles raise thoughtful questions and discussion that can be asked about the process of educational standardization in other countries.



geography, geography education, German geography standards


Dickel, M. (2013). A critique of the standardization of geography education in Germany. Research in Geographic Education, 15(1), pp. 10-27.


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