Activating a Competitive Drive: A Training Program Created to Build a Foundation for Post College Success




Cathey, Jason D.

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College is a tough time in the lives of millions each year; some students have to balance classes, jobs, and extracurricular activities. This balancing act on the path to graduation can be very stressful and can leave students feeling like they have no control and are not prepared for life post-graduation. Research shows that college graduates are not prepared to face work place challenges (Lykins, 2013). Also, research concludes that generation Z are not able to fulfil their full potential because they are still seen as novice in the workplace (Chillakuri and Mahanandia, 2017, p.1). However, it is in times of adversity where students can experience the major growth opportunities. One way for students to learn how to manage these challenges is to listen to motivational speakers and read self-help and leadership books to help build their strengths. However, these books and speakers do not often follow a skills-based training curriculum. Therefore, after synthesizing and coding 40 top motivational and leadership books, five central themes were extracted to create a skills-based training program for success. The training program developed in this thesis is tailored toward college students and the challenges they experience. The skills taught in the training program are representative of the five themes found from the thematic analysis: be present and know your why, take intentional actions toward your goals, take ownership of all your circumstances, preserve through all roadblocks, and compete against yourself. The training can be used to help college students develop skills that will allow them to have more confidence in their ability to follow their why, determine useful habit and compete for the work that keeps them happy.



motivation, drive, passion, college, success, Honors College


Cathey, J. D. (2019). Activating a competitive drive: A training program created to build a foundation for post college success (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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