Geospatial Technology in the Co-Taught Human Geography Classroom




Loux, Taylor

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Advances in technology have substantially expanded potential tools for teachers to utilize in the classroom. Often these tools are reserved for students in honors or Advanced Placement courses. This study uses an inductive qualitative case study to examine the implementation of an online geospatial tool, ArcGIS Online StoryMaps, in a co-taught ninth grade human geography course. Research questions explored in this study include the perceived effectiveness of using the geospatial technology, and the opportunities and challenges associated with the use, for both students and teachers. Results indicate that students in the co-taught setting, including those with Individual Education Plans, positively reviewed using ArcGIS Online to advance their spatial thinking abilities. In addition, students and teachers perceived the lesson to be engaging and worthwhile. Based on this study, inclusionary education settings should include geospatial technologies in lesson plans.



geospatial technology, co-teaching, GIS, geography education, human geography, Applied Geography


Loux, T. (2022). Geospatial technology in the co-taught human geography classroom. Master of Applied Geography Degree, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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